Due to high order volume we are back at 3-4 weeks lead time on builds. We are working as efficiently as possible to catch up! This does not include in stock Acrylic enclosures as they are shipping quick!

50 Litre BP adult rack, Black Enviro PVC
50 Litre BP adult rack, Black Enviro PVC
50 Litre BP adult rack, Black Enviro PVC
50 Litre BP adult rack, Black Enviro PVC

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50 Litre BP adult rack, Black Enviro PVC

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This is the largest bin size we currently offer for the Type-A rack family. This rack is designed to hold 3 of the Type-A 50L tubs from Canadian Tire. (NOT INCLUDED as they can be purchased local to you to save on shipping them)

The Tubs for this rack are roughly 36" long, 15.5" Wide and 6.25" Tall

Rack Dimensions are 37.5" Deep, 16.5" Wide and 21.25" Tall. 

Rack is stackable up to 4 Racks tall if you have a stepstool to reach. 4" radiant belly heat is included and has a slotted channel to keep the tape securely away from your tubs for safety. 2 different probe cutouts on rear panel for probe placement choice. 

These racks ship flat pack to save on shipping and have been designed with shipping in mind to ensure the best rates. We aren't currently offering different sizes of these due to the shipping requirements and being stackable. All Heat tape needs to be hooked up to a quality thermostat, We recommend either Inkbird, Exoterra or Herpstat for this. 

-12mm PVC Construction (Enviro Material that is more rigid and is made using reground PVC 

-CNC Machined for accuracy and Consistency

-Designed and Manufactured By a small family run business, the owners are who make your enclosures and ship them out

-North American PVC vs overseas imported material giving you the best quality 

-Easy assembly with a Drill and a #2 Robertson Bit 

-Quality Design and Craftsmanship