Due to high order volume we are back at 3-4 weeks lead time on builds. We are working as efficiently as possible to catch up! This does not include in stock Acrylic enclosures as they are shipping quick!

Our Story

MeCo Reptiles is family owned and Operated by Melissa and Cody Trentham in Airdrie, Alberta 
Raised on farms in Alberta (one by Carstairs and one by Drumheller), Both owners had a life filled with animals. Developing a love and appreciation for all our animals growing up, and seeing what the important parts in our lives they played. fast forwarding to when we met, had children and started with a family Dog. With woodworking taught to him at a young age from his Grandfather, Cody decided to build his own doghouse and dog bed.
Then came the game changing day when Melissa, Cody and the family attended a presentation about reptiles. This was an instantly hooked situation where the first Snake purchased was within the next few days. As many reptile keepers can attest, 1 is never enough!
Before too long we saw our collection growing and needing more and more housing for our Animals. It was at this point that a late night in the garage triggered the thought of building our own. Our first enclosures and racks were made of melamine and various species of wood, incorporating heat and lighting. from there PVC was definitely the next step. 
Now fast forward again to today. We are still operating as a small licensed family business. All 4 of our children are involved in the different stages of business and keeping animals. We all share the passion and Excitement. We have met some amazing people in this hobby and are lucky to call so many of them friends. 
Animals and animal care are everything we are!!