Due to high order volume we are back at 3-4 weeks lead time on builds. We are working as efficiently as possible to catch up! This does not include in stock Acrylic enclosures as they are shipping quick!

1 primary and 1 secondary unit combined. Cabinet style hinged acrylic with front lower ventilation
Expansion Series 46" Tall
Passthrough system allows for simple bolt together of Enclosure sections

Meco Reptiles and Enclosures

Expansion Series 46" Tall

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Expanding PVC Enclosures for your arboreal reptiles! This Expansion series is a multi piece unit to allow shipping without the need for Large Freight companies to reduce pricing! If you have been looking for large enclosures, this is the solution for you!

*Pictured is 1 Primary and 1 Secondary

This is purchased per section of 23" Wide x 23" deep and 46" tall.

Purchase 1 Primary unit for a great option for your arboreal geckos (23" x 23" x 46")

Purchase 1 Primary and 1 Secondary unit and bolt them together for a 46" x 23" x 46" solution! (almost 4x2x4) 

Purchase 1 Primary and 2 Secondary units, bolt them together for a 69" x 23" x 46" Solution (almost 6x2x4)

A great way for you to grow your enclosure with your animal. 

*primary units have 2 solid sides with ventilation, Secondary units have 2 passthrough sides to make a complete kit. 

Includes Acrylic hinged side opening front. Includes front, side and rear ventilation. 6" substrate guard is standard, which allows for more substrate as well as Bioactive solutions!



Optional 12" x 12" Stainless mesh top insert to allow for heat lights to be placed outside of the enclosure



This unit is shipped flat and requires assembly. assembly is a breeze with the rabbited edges and predrilled holes.