Due to high order volume we are back at 3-4 weeks lead time on builds. We are working as efficiently as possible to catch up! This does not include in stock Acrylic enclosures as they are shipping quick!

3x2x2 Hinged
3x2x2 Hinged
3x2x2 Hinged

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3x2x2 Hinged

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This Enclosure is a great option for reptiles that are currently still growing.  Quality hinges and latches provide easy access to your animal for handling, cleaning or feeding. This Enclosure size provides a great home for smaller adult reptiles as well as growing reptiles. The design is expandable with add on enclosures to grow with your animal vs having to buy and entirely different enclosure for your adults. 

NEW DESIGN ON PUCKS!! still includes pucks with the heat matt option, however it can be used without if stacking! We have found that the weight with bioactive substrates with the pucks can cause bowing. If you are using heavy substrate we suggest not installing the pucks under the enclosure. Pucks are easily stuck on using CA Glue, Hot Glue or Silicone. 

Actual Dimensions of this enclosure are 36" wide x 23" deep x 23" Tall 

Our Enclosures are designed to have heat and lighting installed inside. This helps with heat and humidity retention. We do offer the option for a 12"x12" stainless mesh insert, but please note that by adding this there will be a reduction in humidity retention as well as losing the ability to stack without a spacer. 

12mm expanded pvc used for construction 

Local pickup available to save shipping

Shipping available across North America

Quality craftsmanship

No front facing screws 

Small family operated business