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Rodent warmer Small

Rodent warmer Small

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Did you know that the body temperature of a rodent is 36.5-38 degrees? Give your reptile the best feeding opportunity by providing the same! Achieve this without the use of warm water and a wet rodent? 

Introducing our rodent warmer! 

A warmer designed specifically with reptiles needs  in mind. Thermostat built in with heat and circulation fan. This unit will fit up to 50 adult mice and multiple other sizes for feeding your reptiles. Simply place your frozen rodents in the warmer on feeding day and this will bring the temperature up to natural temp in the wild! 

Dimensions are 18” wide x 13.5” deep and 12” tall.

Cast acrylic door with high quality hinges and turn latches 

metal shelf to raise your rodents from the bottom to ensure optimum airflow for a consistent temperature 

Shipping available as an assembled unit

12mm pvc construction

Quality craftsmanship