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4x2x1 with removable dividers

4x2x1 with removable dividers

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4x2x1 with removable dividers and uvb channel. This design allows for a 48” pro t5 uvb to slide in to the side channel for lighting and heat for your animal. Removable dividers allow the compartments to be larger for animals as they grow or throughout quarantine. 

Built in back ventilation and ventilation cut out of every divider to ensure proper airflow through the entire enclosure. Mesh is built in under the channel for the uvb lighting to ensure the animal can’t come in contact with the light. 

see our video on Facebook and Instagram for details on how this enclosure could be perfect for you! 


12mm expanded pvc used for construction 

Local pickup available to save shipping

Shipping across Canada offered 

Quality craftsmanship

No front facing screws 

Double layered front to prevent bowing